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Meet The 2018 FounderFuel Cohort!

Meet The 2018 FounderFuel Cohort!

May 24th, 2018

Meet The 2018 FounderFuel Cohort!

As you may have heard, the Canadian tech ecosystem is on fire. FounderFuel has been at the center of this growth since our first cohort, in 2011. Over the last seven years, we have accelerated more than 80 companies that have gone on to raise over $150M in financing. Companies like TransitBus.comSonderXpertSea, and Unsplash are among our many success stories.

After reviewing more than 200 applications, we are thrilled to present the seven companies that make up the FounderFuel 2018 cohort. From food robotics to bird deterrence, this year’s companies are using technology to transform a wide range of industries. For 13 weeks, they will undergo an intense journey filled with workshops, mentorship, pitch prep and maybe even a pivot or two! Throughout the program, our focus will be on helping the founders craft their narrative, hone their go-to market strategy and successfully navigate the venture path.

FounderFuel culminates on Tuesday, July 10 with Canada’s largest Demo Day. We’re especially excited to be hosting this year’s event at New City Gas, one of Montreal’s premier venues. We hope you’ll join us to hear from these world-changing companies and connect with our thriving ecosystem.  Reserve your spot now!

Meet The 2018 FounderFuel Cohort

Chargehub: Helping everyone charge anywhere

“We want to remove electric vehicle charging barriers for all drivers in North America” – Simon Ouellette, CEO.

Enkidoo: Your supply chain made smarter

“Our goal is to disrupt the supply chain consulting market by providing A.I.-powered solutions to assist decision makers” – Pholysa Mantryvong, CEO.

InVivo AI: Streamlining drug development using machine learning

“We want to revolutionize pharmaceutical R&D by using AI to enable highly accurate toxicity screening in the earliest stages of drug development” – Daniel Cohen, CEO.

Lockbird: Saving wildlife with smart devices

“We want to disrupt the wildlife management industry by leveraging AI and laser technology” – Mathieu Hamel, CEO.

Locketgo: The easiest way to secure your belongings at events and beyond

“We want to change the way people attend events by providing secure, smart lockers that maximize the overall event-goer’s experience” Gabrielle La Rue, CEO.

Pelcro: All-in one flexible, data-driven content subscription platform

“We want to help fund content creators by providing all the flexible, data-driven and powerful content commerce tools in one platform” – Michael Ghattas, CEO.

YPC: Robots cooking like chefs

“We want to make good food more affordable by enabling restaurants and cafeterias to integrate small-scale robotic automation into their processes, allowing them to prepare better food at lower cost.” – Gunnar Grass, CEO.