The Start-up Deal for GROW

July 29, 2014 at 9:59 am

Garibaldi Lake in Garibaldi Provincial Park

Are you a starving startup/entrepreneur and it’s hard for you to throw down money for a conference? We get it. But believe us when we say, the connections you’ll make, the conversations you’ll have and the advice you’ll receive at this year’s GROW Conference (August 20-22nd, 2014) will more than pay for your attendance cost.

At GROW you’ll hear leaders from Google Glass, Under Armour, Qualcomm, LuluLemon, Life360, SmartThings, Mondelez, Flextronics and Jawbone talk about building context aware and personalized customer experiences, new app ecosystems on device platforms and the connected stores of the future. You’ll also explore the mountain terrain with the latest wearables and beacons to understand context, engagement and what experiences you would actually want in your connected environment. GROW is not to be missed.

To make sure you don’t miss out, we managed to secure a $100 discount off the regular price. Use Promo Link:

If you wanted something even less expensive try the “Lean Pass” for $195!



// Outdoor Fitness Activities: LuluLemon Execs are leading early morning and late afternoon group yoga sessions, mountain biking and mountain top hikes. Bring your fitness trackers, download the Strava routes and let’s quantify ourselves.

// Invite-Only Founder Event: For the first time we are hosting an invite-only, closed doors session for Founders on the top of the mountain. 

// Gondola Talks: Ride up the mountain in our Gondola Talks with founders, partners and investors.

// Game of Drones: Meet us in the Olympic Plaza and fly your RC Heli, Quadcopter or Drone (< 70lbs).

// Pitch at the Smackdown: Companies have 1 minute to WOW the panel of VCs and Press. Sign up HERE.

// Hardware Talks: Meet founders who are building the latest hardware products and learn how they’re incorporating software models on top of the mountain.

 // Connected Resort of the Future: Help us make Whistler the most “connected resort in the world”.

We’re on the hunt for a rockstar intern!

July 24, 2014 at 3:47 pm

FounderFuel is on the hunt for a rockstar intern to help out during our Fall Cohort (Sept 1-Dec 2). If you’re passionate about startups, venture capital and want to play a role in the Montreal/Canadian startup ecosystems, you’re the person we’re looking for. In this role you’ll focus on our social media and content as well as helping to manage the day-to-day activities of FounderFuel. This is a part-time position (~10 hours per week).

Main responsibilities:
- Social media: maintain and grow FounderFuel’s reach and influence on Twitter, Facebook, AngelList and other social media profiles;
- Content: write blog posts, newsletters and material for social media channels;
- Monitor: track and monitor social media, tech-blogs and FounderFuel press coverage;
- Programming: help coordinate activities such as Office Hours, Lunch-&-Learns, Workshops, etc.

What’s in it for you?
- An opportunity to play a role in the Montreal/Canadian startup ecosystems;
- A fast paced environment with unprecedented learning experiences;
- Access to a vast invaluable network of influential startup individuals.

Is this you?
- A proactive and self-driven individual;
- A multitasker extraordinaire who is creative and flexible;
- A social media addict (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Linkedin, etc.);
- A proficient blogger (WordPress);
- A strong communicator, both written and verbal (French and English).

Yes? We need to meet you!

Send us the following to
- A short blurb on why we have to meet you;
- Your resume;
- Your online profiles (Website, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.);
- Some writing samples.

Can’t wait to meet you!

CIX Top 20

July 15, 2014 at 1:41 pm

The Canadian Innovation Exchange is excited to announce the launch of the CIX Top 20 program, a nationwide search for Canada’s hottest innovative companies working in Information and Communication Technology and Digital Media. All technology companies across Canada are invited to enter.   

The CIX Top 20 showcase will consist of 20 of Canada’s hottest innovative companies based on excellence in innovation, growth potential, competitive advantage and strength of business model. Does your company have what it takes? Enter the CIX Top 20 program!

What are the criteria?
- Must be a Canadian company (CEO must be based in Canada with a GST number) with products of services in ICT/Digital Media
- Product must be ready for sale/user consumption. No text phases. 
- Company itself may not necessarily be ICT or digital media focused but the product or service needs to have a ICT or digital media component 

What does a CIX Top 20 Company get?
- Two complimentary passes to the 2014 CIX
- Mentorship, which includes advice on fine-tuning pitches, by investment leaders and corporate partners
- Chance to connect with potential partners and investors during networking events and facilitated meetings throughout CIX
- Own exhibition booth during CIX at the MaRS Discovery District
- Get to demonstrate the company’s innovative product or service live at an elite showcase at CIX 2014 to a crowd of over 600 investors and peers
- Gain broad media and industry recognition with the CIX Top 20 Media Package, consisting of a press release announcing your company as part of the Top 20, a dedicated online profile for your company on the CIX website, plus inclusion in a CIX Top 20 announcement to the entire CIX database, and a featured sponsor story and ad in the CIX Source
- CEOs of selected CIX Top 20 companies will receive the opportunity to engage over 600 investors and peers at the 2014 Canadian Innovation Exchange

Check out some of the past CIX Top 20 winners:
CIX copy

Accelerator Rally 2014

June 26, 2014 at 10:39 am

For the second year in a row FounderFuel and the International Startup Festival are putting on the Accelerator Rally. This day-long event, presented by BDC Venture Capital,  is dedicated to startup accelerators from around the world. 

We spend our time accelerating startups so why not take a day to put the pedal to the metal for Accelerator programs.

Why attend?
Nobody knows accelerators better than the people who run them. The Accelerator Rally helps accelerators, globally, take our programs to the next level by creating an environment in which we can share, learn, and iterate on our respective accelerators. Come ready to share the ins and outs of your program for the benefit of all. 

Who should attend?
The people behind accelerator programs–that means managing directors, general managers, program managers, community managers, etc. 
The Accelerator Rally 2014 speakers include:

Accelerator Rally Speakers 2014 

 Get your tickets now!

The Accelerator Rally 2014 is presented by:

BDC logo 

Sylvain Carle quitte Twitter pour devenir associé chez Real Ventures et directeur de FounderFuel à Montréal.

June 24, 2014 at 12:36 pm

Sylvain Carle, aussi connu par son surnom internet @froginthevalley, quitte son poste d’évangéliste techno chez Twitter à San Francisco pour revenir au bercail à Montréal. Il se joint à l’équipe de Real Ventures comme associé et directeur du programme FounderFuel. C’est avec grand enthousiasme que nous l’accueillons dans l’équipe!

Même après deux années en Californie, le coeur de Sylvain était encore à Montréal… Actif en tant que mentor auprès de FounderFuel depuis les premiers jours, aviseur et conseiller de plusieurs startup québécoises et membre de l’équipe initiale qui a rêvé le projet de la maison Notman et sur le conseil d’administration de la fondation OSMO, Sylvain a toujours été impliqué dans la communauté des startups de Montréal.

Son expérience personnelle comme co-fondateur et CTO (VP Technologie) au cours des 10 dernières années (Messagia, Interstructure, Praized, Needium) combinée avec son expérience et son réseau auprès des compagnies techno de la Silicon Valley, auront certainement un impact important pour l’évolution de FounderFuel.

Sylvain n’est pas le seul nouveau membre à se joindre au programme puisque nous avons récemment nommé Alex Lynn, ex-Techstars, ex-Sid Lee, comme directeur des projets spéciaux pour Real Ventures. L’expérience d’Alex auprès des entreprises en démarrage et des marques internationales sera mise à profit pour le développement de FounderFuel et des compagnies qui y participent.

Emma Williams va poursuivre son rôle de gestionnaire du programme et veiller à ce que  FounderFuel continue de fonctionner rondement. Avec cette équipe du tonnerre en place, Sylvain sera aussi appelé à contribuer au développement du portefolio d’investissement de Real Ventures avec les associés déjà en place.

Nous avons très hâte à l’arrivée de Sylvain au sein de l’équipe de Real Ventures et FounderFuel. Il se joindra à nous officiellement le mois prochain. Il sera à Montréal pour sélectionner avec nous les compagnies qui feront partie à la cohorte d’automne. Il nous aidera aussi à choisir la compagnie qui se démarquera lors de notre concours au festival international de startups de Montréal en juillet.

Il se prépare déjà à ajouter sa touche de geek au programme FounderFuel, restez à l’affût via notre blogue à et notre compte Twitter @FounderFuel pour plus de nouvelles très bientôt!

Pour en savoir un peu plus sur les raisons qui motivent le retour de Sylvain, prenez le temps d’aller lire son billet sur A Frog in the Valley (insérer lien), son blogue personnel.

FounderFuel remanie favorablement les conditions d’investissement pour les startups qui joignent le programme et annonce une nouvelle option pour les compagnies qui combinent logiciel et matériel.

June 24, 2014 at 12:36 pm

FounderFuel est toujours à la recherche de meilleures offres pour les entrepreneurs et fait évoluer son programme afin de proposer de meilleures conditions aux compagnies. Un intérêt marqué pour aider à développer l’offre matérielle (hardware) et un soutien renouvellé pour tous les co-fondateurs de startups.

Les compagnies en démarrage recevront 50,000$ de financement en échange de 6% d’équité (comparé à 9% auparavant). Les compagnies qui développent une composante matérielle peuvent choisir une option de financement de 100,000$ en échange de 9% d’équité (ou choisir l’option de base de 50,000$ pour 6%).

La tendance matérielle est lourde, si vous nous permettez le clin d’oeil. Vanhawks et Kiwi sont deux exemples de la dernière cohorte, et selon les premiers signes pour l’automne, ce mouvement de fond ne fera que s’accélérer. Les composantes matérielles qui distinguent ces compagnies demandent plus de liquidité au démarrage que celles qui ne sont basées que sur les logiciels. Nous sommes convaincus qu’il est important de reconnaître les défis spécifiques dans ce domaine au tout premiers pas de ces idées en émergence.

Toutes les compagnies acceptées au programme FounderFuel sont aussi éligibles à 150,000$ de dettes convertibles offertes par BDC Capital de risque si elles sont jugées “prêtes à recevoir du financement institutionnel” à la fin du programme. De plus, l’offre comprends aussi jusqu’à 150,000$ de produits et services offerts par d’Amazon AWS, Rackspace et Azure, ainsi qu’autant de Red Bull que vous pourrez en boire…

Il ne reste plus que six jours pour appliquer. Nous avons vraiment hâte de faire votre connaissance et de travailler d’arrache-pied avec vous, prochaine génération de startups improbables et impressionnant, au coeur de Montréal. Qu’attendez-vous pour postuler?

Sylvain Carle

Associé et Directeur de FounderFuel


Sylvain Carle returns from San Francisco to become Managing Partner at FounderFuel.

June 23, 2014 at 4:02 pm

Sylvain Carle, also known as @froginthevalley, will be leaving his Senior Developer Advocate role at Twitter in San Francisco to return to Montréal as a Partner at Real Ventures as well as the new Managing Partner of FounderFuel. We could not be more excited (he is too)!

Although Sylvain spent the past two years in California, he left his heart in Montreal. An active FounderFuel Mentor since the beginning of the program, an advisor to many Canadian startups and one of the early members of the team that dreamt up the Notman House project, Sylvain has always
 played a larger than life role within the Montreal startup community.

His personal startup experience as co-founder and CTO of Needium, combined with his valley experience and network will have a profound impact on the evolution of FounderFuel.

Sylvain isn’t the only new contributor to the evolution of the program. We recently welcomed Alex Lynn, who formerly spent time at Techstars and Sid Lee, as Real Ventures’ Director of Special Projects. We’ll be ensuring that his experience with startups and global brands will, amongst other things, benefit the development of the FounderFuel program and the companies that get selected to participate.

Emma Williams, FounderFuel’s program manager, will of course continue to make sure things run smoothly and raise the bar for our early stage startups. With a stellar team in place, Sylvain will also be able to devote some of his time to working alongside the other Real Ventures Partners in developing the Real Ventures portfolio. 

We’re tremendously excited about what Sylvain will contribute to Real Ventures and FounderFuel. He’ll be joining us officially in the next month or so and will be in Montreal to help judge our Fall 2014 Cohort contest at the International Startup Festival in July. He already has a few enhancements in store for FounderFuel, stay tuned and check out and @FounderFuel for more soon!

To find out more on what returning to Montreal means to Sylvain, check out his blog post (in French).

PITCH IT (Takes 2 in Montreal)

June 13, 2014 at 12:37 pm

Have you been working on your startup for a while now and think you’re onto something? Are you determined to take your startup to the next level? Looking to raise a seed round? We’ll you’re in luck!

Last year we took our PITCH IT tour across Canada and it was a huge success so we thought, why not bring it back to Montreal this year! Here’s your chance to mingle with the team, and maybe even get to pitch us before applications close! 

Ian Jeffrey former FounderFuel General Manager and pitch master and John Stokes from Real Ventures have just what you need. You don’t want to miss the combination of the accelerator known for the best pitches in Canada and the most active early-stage venture fund giving advice on how to pitch for a seed round. We’ll be holding a pitching workshop to help you take your pitch to the next level. Join us to meet part of our team, learn about how to pitch for a seed round and then get a chance to PITCH IT to us!

Not so fast though, you won’t get off that easy! Be prepared for some tough love, tangible feedback and action items to take your startup to the next level–and of course, some tips to perfect your pitch. Oh, and don’t worry about us sugar coating or holding back. You’ll get raw feedback just like this:

But after our session you’ll be able to pitch like this:

Register here to join us. 

Not in Montreal? We’ll be at Project:OWL in Toronto on June 17th. Register to come take part in the “Behind The Scenes At FounderFuel” event. 

FounderFuel at the International Startup Fest

June 12, 2014 at 9:15 am

Want to be assured a guaranteed spot in the FounderFuel Fall 2014 Cohort?

This year we’ve partnered with the International Startup Fest to offer one lucky team a spot in our Fall Cohort. All you have to do is be one of the registered startups at the festival and pitch to us sometime throughout the 3 days.

startup fest

How can you pitch us?
- We’ll be hanging out at the Accelerator Tent
- We’ll have identifiable Real Ventures & FounderFuel members scouting out teams around the festival
- Be one of the 12 companies pitching on the main stage

Good luck to all startups attending the festival! We can’t wait to see what you’ve got to offer! 

There are many other prizes available at Startup Fest. Check them out here.  

Don’t have your tickets for the festival yet? Get them here.

Behind The Scenes At FounderFuel

June 10, 2014 at 12:27 pm

Next Tuesday, June 17th, Project: SPACES will be hosting us in Toronto for a panel discussion on “Behind The Scenes at FounderFuel” followed by a beers & networking session. 

The evening will kick off with a panel discussion with three FounderFuel alumni based in Toronto. The discussion will be led by Gabriel Sundaram, FounderFuel Mentor and Director of Platform at Real Ventures. The panel will explore what it’s really like for a company to go through the program, any tips the alumni might have for those applying, and what life is like post-FounderFuel.

The panel guests are:

ali Ali Zahid (Spring 2014) - Vanhawks

Nikolai Nikolai Bratkovski (Spring 2012) - OpenCare

Yoseph Yoseph West (Fall 2011) - Vuru & Wave

Following the panel discussion we invite you to join us for a networking session. Drinks are included in the ticket price! 

If you’re in the Toronto area and want to meet awesome people and learn all about what FounderFuel is really like (the nitty gritty!) then register here.

Ready to apply for the Fall 2014 Cohort? Click here to submit your application.

Think your team has what it takes?