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A Team Dedicated
to Supporting Your Mission

Our tight-knit network is ever growing, as motivated founders from early cohorts mature into mentors, thought leaders and experienced tech executives.

Isaac Souweine
General Manager

Isaac is the General Manager of FounderFuel and a Partner at Real Ventures focused on pre-seed investments. A newcomer to venture capital, Isaac has built a career as a product leader with a passion for company building and ecosystem creation. Past leadership roles have spanned high growth startups like Sonder and Frank + Oak and large technology companies like Yahoo and Scholastic. Isaac is also a dedicated mentor, public speaker, event organizer and connector, who believes deeply in paying it forward. A husband and father of two, he thinks Montreal might just be the perfect place to raise a family while building a world-class startup ecosystem.

Sarah Bezeau Gervais
Program Manager

Driven and people-focused, Sarah joined the Real team as FounderFuel Program Manager in November 2018. Her past experience in the technology industry, both improving and building processes, and working in customer support and success, brings together a combination of organizational and interpersonal skills that are crucial for running a fast-paced venture accelerator. Sarah studied IT and operations management at HEC Montreal and sees herself as a jack-of-all-trades. When she’s not building processes and solving problems, Sarah loves to travel, knit, hike in the Adirondacks, eat pho soup and cuddle with her puppy.

Sylvain Carle

Sylvain Carle has spent the last two decades living and breathing emerging technologies. He’s also spent most of his career as a startup entrepreneur at the confluence of media, technology and networks. A self-proclaimed nerd, socialist and pragmatist, Sylvain believes in technology as a means to change the world, and loves investing in ideas and people to transform industries. As a Real Ventures pre-seed partner, Sylvain plays a key role in nurturing the local tech ecosystem, and also works closely with our portfolio companies.

Real Ventures

A committed team backed by Canada’s leading seed-stage VC

FounderFuel is partners with Real Ventures, a leading source of capital for game-changing entrepreneurs and a driving force behind emerging tech ecosystems.

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Our Mentors

I love the vision behind FounderFuel. I’m excited to be a part small part of it.

Kyle Boulay
Co-Founder and CEO,

Mentorship is at the heart of the FounderFuel experience.

From kickoff to Demo Day, our network of seasoned founders, investors, and executives are crucial partners in the acceleration process.

Get Involved


FounderFuels mentor community is one of Canadas premier startup networks. Since 2011, hundreds of mentors have participated in the program, sharing their expertise, insights and connections with our founders. They embody the pay it forward mentality that is at the heart of thriving startup ecosystems.


FounderFuel seeks to continuously renew our mentor pool to bring fresh and diverse perspectives to our teams. If you are a founder, executive or investor who is looking to give back to your community, hone your craft and build your own network, we welcome you to reach out to see if the program could be a fit.


Mentors commit to FounderFuel for at least one 3 month cohort. All mentors should also be open to acting as a lead mentor, who meet at least every other week with a team for the duration of the program. Mentors give freely of their time, expertise and connections without expectation of direct remuneration. They support companies with honest but empathetic advice that is strong but loosely held.  Our best mentors listen as much as they talk and learn as much as they teach.


Our sponsor’s contribution goes far beyond funding. With their deep expertise and networks, they are also key allies for our companies as they navigate the twists and turns of the venture-backed path.