A World Class
Mentor Network

Our 3-month intensive program is supported by a network of seasoned startup founders, entrepreneurs, investors, and executives

Sébastien Provencher

Program Director at Element AI

Steven Abrams

Partner at BDC IT Venture Fund

Daniel Drouet

COO at Feedality

Georgiana Laudi

Digital Strategy & Marketing Executive at A Better CX

Sylvain Carle

Partner at Real Ventures & Mentor-in-Chief at FounderFuel

Emma Williams

Director at Notman House

Jeremy Toeman

VP Products and Audience Engagement at CBS/CNET

Gabriel Sundaram

COO at Bus.com

Jean-François Gagné

Co-Founder & CEO at Element AI

Gregory Whiteside

Director Engineering at Intel Security

Alex Nemeroff

Co-Founder & Head of Design at Dynamo

Matt Roberts

Partner at ScaleUp Ventures

Omar Dhalla

VP Corporate Innovation at Element AI

Sam Haffar

Principal at Real Ventures

Alan MacIntosh

Partner at Real Ventures

John Stokes

Partner at Real Ventures

Jerome Duplaix

Venture Developer

Naomi Goldapple

Program Director at Element AI

David Nault

VP Investment at iNovia Capital

Kevin Sutherland

Director of Creative Tech at Lune Rouge

Philippe Telio

President at Startupfest

Marc-Antoine Ross

Chief Innovation Officer at Diagram Ventures

Philippe Rivard

PM at Google

Ciprian Rarau

CTO & Partner at Wisk Solutions Inc.

David Chamandy

Senior Director at Machkor Capital

Malik Yacoubi

Chief Digital Officer at Cossette

Christian Lavoie

Freelancer at Sand Reckoning Consulting

Kevin Falk

Co-Founder & COO at Instant Financial

Julien Smith

Co-Founder & CEO at Breather

Nick D’urbano

Head of Global Partnerships at Spring

Ian Jeffrey

General Manager at McAfee

Matt Fogel

Co-Founder & COO at Fuzzy.ai

Irene Pylypenko

Director of Platform at Carebook

Nathalie Belanger

Consultant at Ascendis

Nicole Leblanc


Associate Director at BDC Capital

Alexandre Shee

Director, Strategy & Solutions at Element AI

Paul Ortchanian

Product Director at CloudRaker

Marc Alloul

Managing Partner at W Investments

Olivia Li

President, Product Strategy & Management Consultant at Tabla9

Ben Nevile

CTO at Breather

Marc Chiqrui

SVP Business Development & Marketing at Mi9 Retail

Pascale Audette

CEO at Carebook

Charles Marsh

Head of Sales at mnubo

Cary Goldwax


Guillaume Hervé

President at G3point0 Consulting

Craig Follett

Co-founder & CEO at Universe

Mathieu Weber

Vice President & Country Manager (Canada) at Acquia

Magali Depras

President at CSA Group

Vince Iannotti

Head of Product at Nuance

Martin Provencher

CTO at Bus.com

Jean-François Martin

Head of Products at mnubo

Lev Deich

VP Delivery & Operations for 911 Enable at Intrado

Mathieu Laroussi

CEO at Guarana Technologies

Jason van Gaal

COO at ROOT data Center

Dov Amihod

Senior Sofware Architect at Lagoa (Autodesk)

Andre Maynard

VP Business Opportunities at Quebecor