How to Kill It in Your Founderfuel Interview

FounderFuel is wrapping up its most recent recruitment season. With our next cohort beginning in the fall, we’ve just completed the final round of interviews. I sat in on a few to understand what works and what doesn’t. Here are a few of my observations: 

1. Keep it Simple 
Simplify what, at it’s core, makes you different and special. Have a fundamental philosophy and approach. Boil your idea down to its most basic structure and summarize it from there. If you cannot explain the basis of your startup and how it will impact the end user, you’ve lost us. 

2. Vision over Analogies 
It’s natural to analogize your startup to a service that already exists. We understand best what we already know. Sometimes saying you’re the Uber of (blank) does work, but I would venture to say that even when it does, it’s better to approach your pitch from a different angle. Here’s the thing about this industry: we must constantly seek out what we do not know. Innovation comes from vision, not analogies. Foreignness is good – try to embrace it.  

3. Be Prepared to Be Unprepared 
Your deck may not have all of the answers. You will most likely be stopped mid presentation because something isn’t perfectly clear. Don’t continue until everyone in the room is in complete understanding of the topic that caused the pause. This is okay. Know your space as best as you possibly can, but be comfortable letting us know that you don’t have all of the answers yet. We’ll be tackling your problems together, and that’s what makes this whole thing so damn exciting. 

If you’d like to apply (or reapply), we’d love to speak to you (again). Stay tuned, applications will open again in the Fall! 


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Emma Williams
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