How to Hack #MegaDemoDay


Today’s the day! Here’s everything you need to know:

Find us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at @FounderFuel and include #MegaDemoDay in your posts to be featured on stage during the live feed.
You can also find InnoCitéMTL on Twitter and Facebook at @InnoCitéMTL.
If you’d like us to advertise news, an upcoming event, or anything else Canadian-tech related, tweet at us and we’d be happy to spread the word.

Ticket types:
You either purchased a ticket to FounderFuel, a ticket to InnoCitéMTL or a ticket to both. Furthermore, you’re either General Admission or VIP. When you enter Olympia, there will be signs designating where to go depending on ticket type. If you don’t know when to show up for the right show, read on my friend.

When to show up:
If you’re InnoCitéMTL only, check in is at 130PM.
If you’re FounderFuel only, check in is at 3PM.
If you’re joining us for both, you’re welcome to exit after InnoCitéMTL’s pitches and re-enter for FounderFuel pitches. Just be sure to get a stamp on your way out for easy re-admittance.

Afternoon schedule:
FounderFuel pitches end at 530, and the 5à7 will immediately begin and will end at – you guessed it – 7PM. Those with a General Admission ticket get a free drink, and those with VIP tickets have an open bar bracelet.

After party: !!!
Fitzroy. 551 Avenue du Mont-Royal E. 10PM. Station Mont Royal. !!!.

See you VERY soon!
– The FounderFuel Crew
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Sarah Bezeau
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