Demo Day Sneak Peak: Aquaculture

It’s no surprise that our current cohort is diverse. They’re working on a wide range of products to be introduced on Demo Day. In the meantime, we’re giving quick snapshots into some of the different spaces. We’ve already discussed 3D Printing. Up next is Aquaculture. 

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Aquaculture, or aquafarming, is the farming of aquatic organisms. Here are three fun facts: 

1) Aquaculture is the fastest growing animal food-producing sector

2) Infact, Aquaculture was a 200B USD market in 2008 and is growing by 10% every year. Yet, the industry is still lacking in insurance policies, sustainable practices and traceability because living aquatic organisms are difficult to count. Microorganisms are still being counted with spoons and hands. 

3) ” Whether you’re raising fish in an offshore cage or in a filtered tank on land, you still have to feed them. They have one big advantage over land animals: You have to feed them a lot less. Fish need fewer calories, because they’re cold-blooded and because, living in a buoyant environment, they don’t fight gravity as much. It takes roughly a pound of feed to produce a pound of farmed fish; it takes almost two pounds of feed to produce a pound of chicken, about three for a pound of pork, and about seven for a pound of beef. As a source of animal protein that can meet the needs of nine billion people with the least demand on Earth’s resources, aquaculture—particularly for omnivores like tilapia, carp, and catfish—looks like a good bet.”
– National Geographic 

We can’t wait for you to see what the FounderFuel startup is doing in this space. Don’t forget to grab your tickets for the big day! 

Emma Williams
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