Day 6: Grind It Out + Think Smart

We begin our second week with a nod towards our first. At this point, the teams have thought extensively about their focus. They’ve learnt how to sharply and succinctly articulate that focus. Striking out anything that isn’t core to their business, they’ve established a foundation upon which all else is to be built. This foundation, though necessarily always being open to revision, should constantly be revisited.

The next step is working on multiple Go-To-Market strategies and the value propositions associated with each. In doing so, the teams will develop an understanding of how successful different channels are likely to be, to then decide which are worth putting resources into.

Throughout the upcoming week the teams are asked to bear in mind the impossibility of growing quickly all on their own. They’ve been reminded that using the desires and resources of something or someone else is a necessity. This is the part of business that requires a combination of grind and cleverness: rapidly maximizing reach.



Emma Williams
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