Day 22: The rumblings are true! We’ve opened up Demo Day tickets!

Yesterday, with 60 days to go, we opened up Demo Day tickets. That means just 60 days left to perfect value prop, put together a list of beta testers, get their product into the market, hit those milestones, fix those bugs, scale, hire team members, open up in new cities, close pre-seed rounds, and the list goes on and on. Basically, the teams are busy and the pressure is on! But man are they cranking away. 

We’ve got an amazing group of companies this Cohort, and I know we say it every time, but this one might just be the most impressive yet! From 3D printing to media to transportation to education, we’re covering all the bases. 

Join us on May 7th and watch the 7 companies from our 7th Cohort graduate on stage. It will also be a milestone because these 7 companies will bring our alumni base to a whopping 60 companies! And that is something to celebrate. 

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 And now there’s just 59 days left…Will you be there?

 59 days

Hope to see you all there!

– Emma


Emma Williams

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