Day 15: IP Start-Up Guide with Fasken Martineau

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This weeks Lunch N’ Learn was hosted by Fasken Martineau, a leading international business law and litigation firm. 

The teams were presented an IP Start-Up Guide. Here’s a quick snapshot of Fasken Martineau’s three rules for creating value while avoiding disruption: 

1. Own what you say you own 
Clear assignment language in contracts 
Clear waiver of moral rights language

2. Dissipate the fog (deal with what you do not control or are not yet aware of) 
Understand your IP landscape
Patents, trade-marks, etc. 

3. Keep your house in order 
Store documentation 
Documented Open Source Policy
Documented Processes 

Look out for Lunch N’ Learn notes on SR&ED by BDO and a Q & A with LaBarge Weinstein

Emma Williams
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