Behind the Scenes at FounderFuel: Alexandre Shee


Alexandre Shee, Analyst at Real Ventures

At the age of twelve, Alexandre Shee sat down at his breakfast table with ten strangers. He continued to do so, every morning, until the age of eighteen.

Alex grew up in a Bed & Breakfast – an unintentional breeding ground for an outgoing and gregarious lawyer turned VC. It was around this table that Alex became a people person quickly, flawlessly and really early in the morning.

Hailing from LA, Alex moved to Quebec City, became fluent in French, and went on to become one of twenty chosen to begin at McGill Law at the ripe age of eighteen. Skipping an undergraduate degree, Alex dove in headfirst; he became president of the law school students association, a member on the board of directors of SSMU and a winner of McGill’s Scarlet Key leadership award. He spent his summers abroad (one of which at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, no less). Alex entered McGill Law as the youngest in his class and graduated the same way. He went on to become a lawyer at Norton Rose Fulbright. 

Growing up, Alex was in awe of an older family friend. During a visit to the friends home, Alex was impressed with what he saw and felt: an energy that motivated him to ask his friend what he did for a living. The response? “I help companies change the world.” He went on to explain Venture Capital. From that moment on, Alex was hooked.

At Real Ventures and FounderFuel, Alex combines his law background with a keen interest in all things business: he sees problems in terms of solutions and uses his learned analytical framework to bring companies to the next level. As a part of RV’s investment team, Alex finds companies whose aim is to disrupt the industry of which they are a part. He then works to decide if they’re a team that RV could add value to. At the same time, Alex is a dedicated and very much present mentor at FF, helping teams navigate legal issues, providing practical growth advice and assisting with investor relations.

He would love to see, as a part of FounderFuel, enterprise SaaS related products, startups working on the internet of things, or any company related to food (because he “loves to eat, obviously”). Additionally, due to his background, he’s naturally attracted to legal technology, which he considers to be a field ripe for innovation.

Alex’s personal philosophy is that a person is not defined by what they do. While some call it impossible, he believes that we should all dive into and deeply learn as many different skill sets as possible.  In his opinion, stagnation comes when we avoid trying something new simply because we believe that we are not the right person for the job. “While the worst case scenario involves failure,” he explains, “the best case scenario is that we change the world.”   

Do you want to bring your startup to the next level with Alex’s help? Apply to FounderFuel today.


[This is the third part in a series of introductions. We want to show you the faces behind FounderFuel and Real Ventures so that you’re able to see how and why we can accelerate your company. Here is part one and two.]

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