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Resilience, determination and grit. Presenting the FounderFuel cohort for 2020!

Lucky #13. The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked the world. For FounderFuel, it has fundamentally challenged our paradigm of startup acceleration. Like our startups, we have embraced the crisis as an opportunity to reinvent ourselves. The FounderFuel team has created a virtual accelerator from the ground up for our 13th cohort, creating a new structure to […]

A Great New Chapter for FounderFuel


A Great New Chapter for FounderFuel

Introducing Katy Yam, our General Manager I have always viewed the opportunity to have someone join our team as a way to expand who we are. It is a chance to grow, to ask more questions, to explore and discover. It does not change our core mission — empowering entrepreneurs is our modus operandi. We […]