Alumni Updates: GradeSlam

We sat down with Phillip Cutler, President and CEO of the promising Ed Tech startup GradeSlam, to catch up on the team’s exciting news since their big reveal at our Fall 2015 Demo Day.

GradeSlam’s mission is to democratize the tutoring industry. They provide active instant homework help for the modern day student. To learn more, check out their pitch below.

Since Demo Day, GradeSlam has seen outstanding growth. The team has announced their first in-app integration with FounderFuel alumni Studyo. The tens of thousands of students using Studyo’s service will now be able to access GradeSlam’s homework help in real time. Further, GradeSlam has partnered with several North American universities and colleges, exposing their 24/7 tutoring solution to hundreds of thousands of post-secondary students.

Boston University student-created GradeSlam infographic

Infographic created by BU students!

GradeSlam is passionate about remaining Montreal-centric, believing that the city is an environment within which an entrepreneur can build a billion dollar startup. They host various Ed Tech related meetups, with the next one occurring this evening with The Founder Institute at Notman House. Phil will be speaking about How to Launch an Ed Tech Company.

GradeSlam expects to close their seed round in Q1 of 2016, to maintain growth by building out their international reputation, and to grow their team. They are currently looking for a Director of Growth and a Financial Controller.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 1.38.16 PM

If you want to be a part of the GradeSlam team, reach out to phil at To try out their service for free, click here.


Ella Sibio
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