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Flatbook (FF F14) brings together the authenticity of staying at an Airbnb with the dependability of staying in a hotel.

With Flatbook you’re able to rent out your home without having to deal with the rental process; bookings, storage, decoration and clean-up are all taken care of. For those who wish to sublet out their apartment for over two months, Flatbook pays your rent upfront and fills your home in weeklong increments at a markup. So long as your space meets the minimum quality threshold, subletting through Flatbook is a no-brainer.

In 17 months, the team has grown from 2 in Montreal to 100 in over 30 cities across the world. Armed with a brand new site and logo, the team is looking to expand. They’re hiring for a ton of positions, including but not limited to:
City Managers (Toronto, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington)
Director of Operations
Director of Growth
Senior Developer
Interior Designer
Virtual Concierge
Leasing Agent Property Manager
Hospitality Agent
Business Developer
…and more!

If you’d like to rent out your home, stay in someone else’s or apply to work at Flatbook, check them out today.

And if you’re interested in staying in a Flatbook home, here’s a sneak peak of where you could be:

A Flatbook in London


A Flatbook in Boston


A flatbook in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv

– Ella
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Emma Williams
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