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The idea behind Crew is simple: submit your dream mobile app or website, receive an automatic budget recommendation and get matched with handpicked professionals that bring that dream to life. No banks, no lawyers – just your idea and the Crew platform. 

Their most recent success story is Companion, an app that allows friends to virtually walk each other home at night. After being featured in Business Insider, they received so many signups so quickly that they had to post this:

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 11.12.20 AM

Companion joins a long list of Crew’s successes. From Eventbrite to Caribu to Designlab, Crew is bringing hugely disruptive projects to life.  

This momentum is the product of a lot of hard work; to market Crew, the team invests a significant amount of brain space on side projects. In fact, they’ve discussed how building Unsplash – free and beautiful high-res stick photos – saved their company. And it doesn’t stop there – they’ve built moodboard (a tool for making shareable moodboards), Coffee & Power (a list of international coffee shops with Wi-Fi and great coffee), How Much to Make an App (a tool to calculate the cost of your idea), How Much Does a Website Cost (you get the point), and more. Check out the full list here. Every single project is clean and beautiful. 

By Skyler Smith, Via Unsplash

By Skyler Smith, Via Unsplash

From their humble beginnings here at FounderFuel, they’ve succeeded in building a company that has doubled twice in the last year, and that facilitates over $1.5 million in new projects every month. They recently raised a $10 Million round led by Accomplice (formerly Atlas Venture) and included investments from iNovia Capital, Real Ventures, Boldstart Venture Capital, BDC Capital, AngelList, Launch Capital, and LDV Capital.

The best part of this story? You could be a part of it. As you could imagine, they’re looking to grow. They’re seeking Front-end Developers, PHP and/or Rails Developers, Designers, Happiness Concierges, Community Ambassadors, Growers and more


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