Adélaïde joins the FounderFuel Team

It is with great pleasure that FounderFuel’s team would like to wish a big welcome to Adélaïde Andriot, our new Communication and Operations Intern!

We asked Adélaïde a few questions to get to know her a bit better:

What brings you to FounderFuel?

After six years of law studies between France and Montreal, I was in search of a new challenge and had a strong desire to get involved in a vibrant new community. I found what I was looking for at FounderFuel. The Notman House could not be a more dynamic and entrepreneurial space nor more of a hot spot for people with revolutionary ideas!

What are you going to bring to the FounderFuel team?

I hope to bring my insatiable appetite to develop and grow new ideas to the FounderFuel team. I have always enjoyed taking on leadership roles, be it as a team-leader in a catering start-up throughout my undergrad or as a co-founder of a French branch of the European Law Students’ Association where I acted as a communications director for several years. My passion for photography has given me a critical, detailed-oriented lens from which I like to approach challenges and my legal studies have provided me with an analytical framework through which I ground my ideas. I hope those skills will serve me well in the startup world where thinking outside the box is an everyday challenge!

Can you describe your role?

My role at FounderFuel, in tandem with our Program Manager Thibaud, is twofold. On the logistics side, I am responsible for the planning and organization of the numerous weekly events for this Cohort, including the Lunch & Learns, the Founders Talks, the Community Talks and of course, Demo Day, coming up in just two weeks! It’s a particularly social role involving permanent contact with both the Founders and everybody else who makes up the start-up community in Montreal.

On the communications side, I am taking part in making FounderFuel’s voice active and personable. My goal this summer will be to ensure that we are not only growing our social media footprint but also reaching out and listening to our network of alumni, investors, partners and mentors who have contributed to FounderFuel over the last 5 years.

What are you passionate about?

I am a jurist, a self-starter, a photographer, a foodie and a Zumba Instructor (very soon!). Above all, I am passionate about cooking and food innovation.

I grew up in a family with Mediterranean roots so it should come as no surprise that food has always been a central part my life! I have recently become increasingly aware of food-related issues and have started following blogs and reading books exploring nutrition, diet and alternative approaches to eating. By doing so, I have come to believe that we, as a society, need to rethink the way we see, produce and eat food. Through this process, I realized that by creating initiatives and spreading new ideas I could inspire just a bit of change.

This is why I started Mycadamian, a Facebook, Instagram and Blog project, which seeks to share both my passion for homemade, healthy food recipes and Montreal-based food entrepreneurs. I encourage you all to take a gander!

Feel free to contact me at I’d love to have a tea with you in our beautiful OSMO Café Terrasse. 

Adelaide Andriot
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