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A quick thanks to all who’ve applied for Fall 2015! It should go without saying that this is the one of the most important times for us – we get to take a step back to see what’s being worked on and innovated. Ultimately, we’re afforded the opportunity to begin supporting amazing startups and teams.

We’re now heads down, reviewing hundreds of applications.

If all goes well, here’s a quick sketch of your next month: 
– By the end of the week you’ll be contacted for a first interview 
– Said interview will take place between July 6th and July 14th 
– You’ll then be notified of a second interview date
– This will then take place between July 20th and August 3rd
– An offer letter will then be in your inbox by the end of the first week of August
– At this point you might celebrate a little (but hey, up to you) 

As always, feel free to ping us at with any questions. 

Looking forward to meeting you!

Emma Williams
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