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Isaac is a product and marketing leader who is passionate about product development, company building and ecosystem creation. Currently an Entrepreneur in Residence at Real Ventures, he’s also held leadership roles at high growth startups like Sonder and Frank + Oak as well as large technology companies such as Yahoo and Scholastic. Isaac has an MBA from INSEAD and a BA from Columbia in religious studies. A dedicated mentor, public speaker, event organizer and connector, he strives to spread a pay-it-forward mentality to the companies and communities in which he works.

Isaac Souweine

General Manager at FounderFuel

Jurist and self starter, Adelaide joined Real Ventures motivated by the search of a new challenge. Montrealer at heart since she moved to Quebec to study at McGill Law School in 2012, she now calls Notman House her home away from home. In spring 2016, she made the full leap to the startup ecosystem when supporting FounderFuel in communications, operations and event planning. She has contributed to make Demo Day 2016 a massive event in the Montreal community! Adelaide enjoys looking at life through a creative lens and has started back in 2013 capturing one pic per day.

Adélaïde Andriot

Program Manager at FounderFuel

Sylvain Carle lives and breathes emerging technologies. For the last 20 years, he has thrived with marvel and fun at the confluence of media, technology and networks. Serial entrepreneur for 15 years, as CTO and co-founder at Messagia, Interstructure, Praized and Needium. Before joining Real Ventures he was Senior Developer Advocate at Twitter in San Francisco. Socialist, idealist and pragmatist, he is convinced that technology will change the world in this era of the networked society.

Sylvain Carle

Partner at Real Ventures & Mentor-in-Chief at FounderFuel