Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next Cohort happening?

FounderFuel’s next Cohort will strat in April 2018.

Stay tuned to know when the application process will open!

How much does FounderFuel invest?

Companies receive $100K CAD at a $1.9M CAD pre-money valuation, resulting in 5% dilution.

What else do FounderFuel companies get besides the money?

FounderFuel’s non-cash benefits represent a significant portion of the overall value provided by the program. Key benefits include:

  • Mentor – Direct access to one of the premier startup networks in Canada
  • Investor – Intros to our extensive investor network and Demo Day to launch fundraising
  • Work Space – 4 months of office space at Notman House
  • Support – Intensive support from the FounderFuel team to drive massive output during the program
  • Training – Talks from top founders, skills workshops, and bootcamps to help your team level up
  • Community – Connect to like minded folks in your cohort and the broader Montreal ecosystem
What are the requirements to apply?
  • A founding team of 2 or more people
  • At least 1 technical co-founder to build the product
  • A team working full-time on the company
  • Based in Montreal or able to relocate
How do you choose companies?

While many factors come into play, we’re especially focused on a few key issues:

  • Team – Do the founders seem like people who could build a massive company?
  • Market – Is the company attacking a big problem that we can relate to?
  • Product – Is the product awesome? Can it deliver 10x value vs. other options?
  • Stage – Is the company at the right stage to benefit from FounderFuel?
What stage companies get the most out of FounderFuel?

There’s no one size fits all answer for this question, as the experience of our alumni attests. But in general FounderFuel caters to companies that have a functioning product and at least some sort of early user base that they can work with during the program. Some companies have not raised any money prior to FounderFuel while others may have raised small rounds from or friends and family or angels. Most companies have been in operation from 1 – 2 years.

Are you interested in specific sectors?

In general, we are looking for companies that use technology as a core part of their value creation. In terms of economic sector, we are intentionally broad, as we believe software is truly eating all parts of the world. In terms of technologies, we are especially focused on companies that are leveraging AI and machine learning. Our AI focus is in response to the world changing power of this technology coupled with Montreal’s strong base of researchers and AI practitioners.

Do teams need to be in Montréal for the entire program?

Yes, teams are expected to be present in Montreal for the duration of the program.

“Je ne parle pas Français”, is that a problem?

Speaking French is not a requirement for the program in any way, as the sessions all take place in English. In terms of Montreal more broadly, both the startup ecosystem and the city are extremely easy to navigate even with little or no French. Mais si tu souhaites apprendre, on est là pour t’aider!