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Atlee Clark: une Silicon Valley à Montréal

Roxane Léouzon, Métro

"Il y a aussi des accélérateurs comme FounderFuel, qui fournit du capital pour les start-ups et l’accès à un réseau d’entrepreneurs vétérans et d’investisseurs."

50 millions $ de capital-risque disponibles via le nouveau fonds de Real Ventures

Sébastien Provencher, Le Journal de Montréal

"Depuis sa création en 2008, Real Ventures a investi dans 60 sociétés et a joué un rôle critique dans la création de l’accélérateur FounderFuel et la mise sur pied de la Maison Notman."

“Nobody Gives a S*** Anymore”: Life as a Failed Startup CEO

Joseph Czikk, BetaKit

"Steven Lachance is the former CEO of FounderFuel startup Liverides, which was a ridesharing app."

Real Ventures Fund III Gets First Close at $50 Million

Joseph Czikk, BetaKit

“Real” is Canada’s largest and most active seed venture capital fund manager and driving force behind startup accelerator FounderFuel and downtown tech innovation hub Notman House.

Real Ventures dévoile son troisième fonds, avec une capitalisation initiale de 50 millions

Julien Brault, Les Affaires

"Le fonds est aussi derrière l’incubateur de start-ups FounderFuel."

The Truth About Accelerators: Some Accelerate Success, Others Accelerate Failure

Joseph Czikk, BetaKit

While Parmer emphasized how much his startup grew under the pressures of Extreme Startups, he was quick to point out that programs can tear teams apart . FounderFuel’s Jeffrey admitted that, “in every single cohort at least one cofounder has been fired."

Montreal’s Ooomf Becomes Crew and Raises $2.1 Million

Techvibes NewsDesk

"A FounderFuel grad, Ooomf was originally an app discovery startup and the name change was also part of today's announcement."

LP Maurice: A Turning Point for the Montreal Startup Ecosystem

LP Maurice, The Wall Street Journal

"The Founder Fuel program, which has accelerated 40 startups, is set to graduate its 5th cohort this spring."

La verité que la verité

La Presse

"Cette situation et bien d’autres sont à la base de Truth, appli iOS conçue par une jeune entreprise en démarrage de Vancouver, qui vient de déménager à Montréal pour participer au programme FounderFuel."

A Four-Month Stint in NYC Helped this Canadian Startup Pivot (and Maybe Even Raise)

Joseph Czikk, BetaKit

"Things are going pretty well right now for Now In Store, the Montreal-founded startup that previously went through the FounderFuel accelerator program as a wholesale marketplace connecting fashion buyers with brands."

Truth, un autre réseau antisocial, permet de critiquer ses collègues anonymement

Julien Brault, Les Affaires

"La start-up présentement incubée par FounderFuel, à Montréal, fait partie d’une nouvelle vague d’applications antisociales."

FounderFuel Joins Global Accelerators For Combined Silicon Valley Demo Day

Joseph Czikk, BetaKit

“The goal of the International Demo Day is to show the Valley what startups around the world are doing,” said FounderFuel general manager Ian Jeffrey. 

FounderFuel Heads to San Francisco with Canadian Startups in Tow

Rob Lewis, Techvibes

"Montreal's FounderFuel is joining London's Seedcamp and Sydney's Startmate to bring 15 international (including Canadian) startups to San Francisco."

Foro Technologies Launches Anonymous Messaging App ‘Truth,’ Joins FounderFuel Accelerator

Rob Lewis, Techvibes

“The desire to maintain anonymity online is growing exponentially online,” noted Ian Jeffrey, General Manager of FounderFuel. “We’ve known the team at Foro Technologies for a while and are very excited by their approach to helping people speak the truth online."

FounderFuel’s Truth Launches Canada’s Answer to the Anonymous Apps

Joseph Czikk, BetaKit

"Saheli and his cofounder Bio Cho didn’t have a particularly easy entry into the Montreal accelerator program. At FounderFuel’s “Mentor Day”, an event that unofficially kicks off the program, one mentor told the startup that they should quit the idea entirely."

Incroyable, mais vrai: les entrepreneurs bitcoins veulent plus de réglementations

Julien Brault, Les Affaires

"Incubée par FounderFuel, sa start-up permet quant à elle aux marchands en ligne d’accepter la devise sans risque, comme le fait BitPay."

Les start-ups de jeux mobiles remplaceront-elles les grands studios à Montréal?

Julien Brault, Les Affaires

"Execution Labs fait malgré tout le pari d’offrir un programme d’incubation similaire à FounderFuel, mais adapté aux particularités de l’industrie du jeu."

New chapter of Founder Institute offers startup opportunities to local entrepreneurs

Anwar Ali, The Montreal Gazette

"In an ideal tech world chronology, the Institute would fit somewhere between Startup Weekend — a 54-hour camp filled with designers and aspirational entrepreneurs — and accelerators, like FounderFuel, that are geared toward investment-ready businesses or ones that can generate revenue."

World’s Largest Startup Accelerator Launches First Canadian Chapter in Montreal

Rob Lewis, Techvibes

"There are increasingly more options for startups in Canada at the seed ­funding stage, with accelerators like FounderFuel and a growing number of early­ stage investors." 

A Startup’s Guide to BDC Venture Capital’s Convertible Notes Program: 2014 Edition

Knowlton Thomas, Techvibes

"However, only six qualify for BDC Venture Capital's convertible note program [...]. Those six are FounderFuel, Communitech Hyperdrive, Extreme Startups, GrowLab, Launch36, and Execution labs."

LoginRadius founder sees huge growth opportunity in linking websites to social media

Quentin Casey, Financial Post

"A recent graduate of FounderFuel, the Montreal-based startup accelerator, LoginRadius announced $1.3 million in financing on Feb 12"

The Accelerator Series: FounderFuel

Joseph Czikk, BetaKit

"Now in its fifth cohort, FounderFuel’s fresh group of startups, eight in total, are four weeks into their 12-week journey. They all get $50,000 upfront cash for nine percent equity, as well as several other perks like the $150,000 convertible note from BDC and a second Demo Day in Silicon Valley."

Google-backed Pre-accelerator NEXT Program to Hit Toronto and Montreal

Techvibes Newsdesk

"In Montreal, the pre-accelerator program will be launched by Real Ventures, FounderFuel, and Blakes Law Firm."

Montreal’s Largest Startup Career Fair Draws Y Combinator Grad to Hire Students

Roger Huang, Techvibes

"FounderFuel graduates Transit App and Provender sat together, and had their founders evangelizing furiously about why students should join in their explosive growth."

SaaS startup LoginRadius raises $1.3M in angel funding from Accelerate Fund, BDC Capital, others


"A recent graduate of FounderFuel, a Montreal-based startup accelerator, the company offers a number of paid monthly and yearly plans to its users"


LoginRadius Secures $1.3M to Enable Seamless Social Login for the Masses


"A recent graduate of FounderFuel, the Montreal-based startup accelerator, the company also announced it is currently powering social login and sharing on 100,000 websites in 180 countries with monthly reach of 15 million users."

Mashable’s Piece on Quebec’s Startup Climate Twisted Reality

Joseph Czikk, BetaKit

"FounderFuel's general manager Ian Jeffrey said the companies in his accelerator are focused on a global market, and thus English is the language that’s used." 

LoginRadius Lands $1.3 Million Round and Now Powers 15 Million Monthly Users

Techvibes Newsdesk

"A recent graduate of Montreal's FounderFuel startup accelerator the company also announced it is currently powering social login and sharing on 100,000 websites in 180 countries with monthly reach of 15 million users."

Welltok raises $22.1 million Series C funding round – Investment Round Up

Red Herring

"Edmonton-based social login and sharing startup LoginRadius, an alum of Montreal accelerator FounderFuel, has secured $1.3 million in funding from a variety of investors."

Funding Daily: Happy Birthday, Darwin

Rebecca Grant, Venture Beat

"Login Radius supports authentication through 30 major social networks. It graduated from FounderFuel in Summer 2013."

SaaS startup LoginRadius raises $1.3M in angel funding from Accelerate Fund, BDC Capital, others

Anand Rai, Tech Circle

"A recent graduate of FounderFuel, a Montreal-based startup accelerator, the company offers a number of paid monthly and yearly plans to its users."

LoginRadius Gets 1.3 Mln Funding To Increase API Based Social Website Logins!

Soumen Halder,

“LoginRadius’ goal is to help businesses engage and understand their users by simplifying how users connect to the web” said Rakesh Soni, Co-founder & CEO of LoginRadius, a FounderFuel 2013 graduate

Canadian VCs invest $1.3 mln in LoginRadius

Kirk Falconer, PE Hub

"A recent graduate of startup accelerator FounderFuel, the Edmonton, Alberta-based company said it is currently powering social login and sharing on 100,000 websites in 180 countries with a monthly reach of 15 million users."

Dépister les futurs leaders dans les start-ups

Marie Lyan, Les Affaires

"Les entreprises viennent ici pour trouver non pas une idée, mais un marché pour leurs produits, et pour bénéficier de l’expérience de nos mentors, qui sont à la fois des entrepreneurs à succès, des investisseurs ainsi que des dirigeants", explique Ian Jeffrey, directeur général de FounderFuel.

FounderFuel’s Mentor Day is Under Way

Joseph Czikk, BetaKit

"Montreal’s FounderFuel accelerator program is knee-deep into its mentor day, the event that typically inaugurates the program’s new cohorts of teams."

Canada’s Best Venture Capital Firm is Ready for a Roaring 2014 and Beyond

Ryan Henson Creighton, Techvibes

"[Jérôme] Nycz discussed the firm's other initiatives, including their $150,000 convertible note program for accelerator graduates, and investment in a cluster of six accelerators, including FounderFuel and Execution Labs."

La finissante de FounderFuel LoginRadius obtient 1,3 million

Julien Brault, Les Affaires

"La start-up LoginRadius, incubée par FounderFuel en 2013, vient de finaliser un tour de financement de 1,3 million de dollars." 

FounderFuel Grad LoginRadius Raises 1.3 Million in Funding

Joseph Czikk, BetaKit

"Edmonton-based startup and FounderFuel accelerator program graduate LoginRadius has raised $1.3 million in venture capital from the Accelerate Fund, Yaletown Venture Partners, Real Ventures, BDC Capital and several Angel investors."

Snowtification remporte la palme à Startup Weekend Montréal

Julien Brault, Les Affaires

"Après tout, déjà deux start-ups créées durant Startup Weekend Montréal ont été acceptées dans l’incubateur FounderFuel (Crowdmedia et Dashbook), recevant ainsi un investissement de 50 000 $."

Next, un programme pour aller plus loin que Startup Weekend

Julien Brault, Les Affaires

"Sergio Escobar, qui assume aussi l’organisation de Startup Weekend Montréal (et du Founder Institute), explique que le programme vise à combler le vide qui existe entre l’événement de deux jours et des incubateurs comme FounderFuel." 

L’incubateur Founder Institute s’établit à Montréal

Julien Brault, Les Affaires

"L'incubateur [...] permet à ses participants de bénéficier des conseils d'entrepreneurs à succès. Hicham Ratnani, cofondateur de Frank & Oak, Ian Jeffrey, directeur général de FounderFuel, Martin-Luc Archambault, pdg de Wajam et Alexandre Taillefer, associé principal de XPND Capital, seront du nombre."

Three Canadian Accelerators Among Founding Partners of Global Group ‘Startup Exchange’

Techvibes Newsdesk

"Among the founding partners are three Canadian accelerators: Vancouver's Launch Academy, Montreal's FounderFuel, and Montreal's Execution Labs."

Les jeunes entreprises technos handicapées par le français?

Jean-François Codère, La Presse

«Les entreprises que nous finançons n'ont pas le choix de regarder au sud de la frontière parce que c'est là que se trouve l'argent», explique pour sa part Ian Jeffrey, directeur général de l'incubateur FounderFuel.

The Accelerator Series: Growlab

Joseph Czikk, BetaKit

"The firm takes several smaller bets in the FounderFuel accelerator startups and only makes bigger bets (series A investments) on the “cream of the crop,” or the most high-performing companies."

Confidentiel : 50 Partners initie un Erasmus pour les start-up

Journal du Net

"Le programme startup exchange compte déjà dix membres fondateurs, en Europe, au Proche-Orient, en Amérique du nord et du sud et en Asie : Elevator (Tel Aviv),  Chinaccelerator (Shangai), Startupbootcamp (Berlin), Level39 (Londres), 50 Partners (Paris), FounderFuel (Montréal), Execution Labs (Montréal), Launch Academy (Vancouver), Hubbog (Bogota), et Start-up Chile (Santiago)."

Starting up for good

Adam Spence, Global News

"You may be familiar with the start-up tech incubator phenomenon, popularized by initiatives like Y Combinator and TechStars in the US, or  FounderFuel in Montreal and Jolt at MaRS in Toronto. "

Les Affaires Releases its Five Quebec Startups to Watch in 2014

Joseph Czikk, Betakit

The startup [Seevibes] was accelerated by FounderFuel in 2011 and offers a platform that measures the social audience activity of television in Canada and Europe, information increasingly crucial for broadcasters and advertisers, as Brault explained.

Cinq start-ups québécoises à surveiller en 2014

Julien Brault, Les Affaires

"Incubée par FounderFuel en 2011, Seevibes offre un produit qui n'aura jamais été aussi stratégique."

Announcing the Winners of the 2013 Canadian Startups Awards!

Knowlton Thomas, Techvibes

Accelerator Graduate of the Year 2013 - Playerize

Where to get money to launch your business, startup

Takara Small, Metro News

"The startup based in Montreal is provides funding and access to a network of investors, mentors and knowledgeable entrepreneurs to help teams chosen for the 12-week program get their project up and running."

Launching a Startup in 2014? Ooomf Wants to Help You For Free

Joseph Czikk, BetaKit

"It's been about two years since Ooomf cofounder Mikael Cho went through the FounderFuel accelerator program in Montreal."