A World Class
Mentor Network

Mentorship is at the heart of the FounderFuel experience. From kickoff to Demo Day, our network of seasoned founders, investors, and executives are crucial partners in the acceleration process.

Our Mentor Community

FounderFuel’s mentor community is one of Canada’s premier startup networks. Since 2011, hundreds of mentors have participated in the program, sharing their expertise, insights and connections with our founders. Giving freely and generously of their time, our mentors embody the pay it forward mentality that is at the heart of thriving startup ecosystems.

Becoming a Mentor

FounderFuel seeks to continuously renew our mentor pool to bring fresh and diverse perspectives to our teams. If you are a founder, executive or investor who is looking to give back to your community, hone your craft and build your own network, we welcome you to reach out to see if the program could be a fit. 

What’s Involved and Expected

Mentors commit to FounderFuel for at least one 3 month cohort. During the first month of the cohort they must spend one half day meeting all of the companies. All mentors should also be open to acting as a lead mentor if they match well with a team. Lead mentors meet at least every other week with a team for the duration of the program. 

Mentors give freely of their time, expertise and connections without expectation of direct remuneration. They support companies with honest but empathetic advice that is strong but loosely held.  Our best mentors listen as much as they talk and learn as much as they teach.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor or referring one, please email sarah@realventures.com.