Sean Morrow

Sean Morrow | CEO, Text'

Claim to fame

Dabbled in a variety of startups including my own new media/communications company before an exit. Mobile & Internet marketing are passions.

Words to live by

Integrity is key. You've only got one name - how long you keep it is up to you.

More information about Sean Morrow

Sean Morrow is leading market shifts in traditional industries, driving concepts to results while inspiring teams with vision. His grasp on digital mediums and disruptive technologies finds him leading company strategy. 

Sean specializes in online monetization strategies, mobile markets and SEO. He is well versed in SAAS and online gaming environments, as well as traditional and new/social media marketing methods, target market identification and customer segmentation strategies. His marketing and PR teams have delivered thousands of media hits internationally, both online and off.

Sean negotiates multi-million dollar deals with multi-year terms as he drives action from strategy. He works with Fortune 1000 company executives across Canada and the US, as well as venture capital firms. 

Giving back to the community is important to Sean as well. He is a member of the Big Brother/Big Sister Program and has hosted students from international exchange programs in his home.