Sean Morrow

Sean Morrow | Producer and COO, Bad Words Laboratory

Claim to fame

Sean launched a site that saw $750k of money injected by users on day one, prompting PayPal to freeze transactions in case it was fraud.

Words to live by

Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.

More information about Sean Morrow

Sean’s training in marketing and communications, as well as the rich and diverse experience he has garnered through professional involvement in technology domains, makes him a key resource when executing business strategy and team mobilization. He leads through a structured, methodological approach. Throughout the years, he has developed a leadership style that is strong and positive, enabling him to communicate clear vision and precise objectives. With him, teams understand where they are going, envision roadmaps and the concrete results expected. His professional network includes business advisors, CEOs and mentors from a wide variety of domains. He maintains strong ties with accelerators and start-up groups including Founder’s Fuel, Entrepreneurs and Co., and Montreal International. His imperative is to work with teams and organizations to remove barriers and grow revenues by engaging on human levels, promoting ownership and accountability, and collectively driving impact.