Alistair Croll

Alistair Croll | Partner, Bitcurrent

Claim to fame

Founded and grew Coradiant, closing the then-largest series A in Canadian history ($20M). Wrote Complete Web Monitoring, too.

Words to live by

Don't make money from what you do; make money because of what you do.

More information about Alistair Croll

Alistair is an entrepreneur, analyst, author, and event organizer. He co-founded Networkshop and Coradiant, and is currently an executive with CloudOps; a founding partner at Year One Labs; and the principal analyst for Bitcurrent. He also ran startup accelerator Rednod. A prolific writer and sought-after speaker, Alistair has contributed to online publications including GigaOm and O’Reilly Radar. He’s also written books on networking performance, web analytics and monitoring, and web operations. Alistair helps plan, run, and teach at several of the technology industry’s top conferences. Four recent events he worked on — Interop ECS, O’Reilly Strata, GigaOm Structure, and Cloud Connect — all sold out in their first year. He’s also taught at Le Web, eMetrics, Web2.0 Expo, Velocity, and many others. In his spare time, Alistair runs the annual Bitnorth conference, which combines TED-like variety, Ignite-like brevity, and Foocamp-like scruffiness in the woods North of Montreal.