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Are you building a startup? Would you benefit from 50-100K + 400K in perks? How about access to world class mentorship and the team behind Canada’s most active seed stage investment fund? 

Then read on, friend. We have good news for you. 

Find these faces at Startupfest, deliver the ultimate pitch to them, and win yourself a neat little spot in FounderFuel’s Fall 2015 program. Skip the entire interview process, get a bunch of PR as the winner of the #FFStartupFest, and begin the acceleration process in less than two months. 

Aside from our time slot in the Accelerator Tent from 245PM to 345PM on Thursday, you can find our team wandering around the festival wearing FF lanyards. 

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If you follow our Twitter account, you’ll get live updates on where we are and when. If you spot a teammate, pitched to one, or are looking for one of us to pitch to, feel free to tweet at us using our hashtag (#FFStartupFest). 

Can’t wait to meet you! 
The FF Crew 


Emma Williams
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