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August 31, 2015 at 11:48 am

There’s a dark side to entrepreneurship that’s often overlooked: a lack of emphasis placed on health.

We want to address this issue head on, so we’ll be working with a nutritionist during the Fall 2015 cohort (8 days away!) to ensure that our teams are taking care of their health as much as their startup. We’re also very excited to announce a new partnership with the team at Guru, who believe that energy should not come at the expense of health. Their energy drink is crafted with natural and organic ingredients. 


Four beneficial Guru ingredients and their health properties: 

Also known as purple coneflower, it is a popular herb present in western herbal medicine. Echinacea is an immune system stimulant often used during the first signs of a cold or flu. Thank you purple friend.

Ginseng is a popular herb that has been used throughout history as an energy and libido boost, however additional benefits of taking ginseng include memory improvement and weight loss.

Guarana is a creeping shrub native to the Amazon.
It contains twice as much caffeine as coffee and stimulates the heart and central nervous system. It’s also purported to increase mental alertness, long-term memory and stamina.

Green Tea Leaves
It’s known as a powerful anti-oxidant and has a beneficial effect against age-related degenerative diseases. We explained earlier on this blog how  natural occurring caffeine is extracted for a good 100 mg of energy.

See you soon! 
– The FounderFuel Crew 

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Lovin’ Running Lean

March 15, 2012 at 8:41 pm

Our 12 free copies of Running Lean came in today, and the teams were stoked to get their books. Thanks to the generous people at O’Reilly for hooking our teams up! 

“We live in an age of unparalleled opportunity for innovation. We’re building more products than ever before, but most of them fail — not because we can’t complete what we set out to build, but because we waste time, money, and effort building the wrong product. 

What we need is a systematic process for quickly vetting product ideas and raising our odds of success. That is the promise of Running Lean.”

Our First Ts Have Arrived, And You Could Win One.

July 12, 2011 at 9:14 pm

Want it?

We’ll give one to the first 3 people who tell us why they want it, simply by replying to this Tweet directly on Twitter.

Easy enough no?

Think your team has what it takes?