Behind the Scenes at FounderFuel: Sam Haffar

Sam joined Real Ventures in August 2014 after spending 8 years in Silicon Valley helping build some of the fastest growing companies in their category; Chegg, Kno and Eat Club. After starting his first company while in University, Sam helped scale companies from 5 to 300+ employees and helped grow revenue from $0 to $100 […]

Day 45: 3 Interesting Tidbits on the 3D Printing Space

As you’ve probably read in our past blogs, we’ve got quite the wide ranging grouping of companies in the current FounderFuel Cohort. From aquaculture to 3D printing to transportation to education, we thought we’d start giving you some snapshots into the spaces that some of our companies are in. Let’s begin with 3D printing. Check out […]

The State of Accelerators

As program manager for FounderFuel during the last 2 years…I’ve been putting some thought into the state of Accelerators, what makes an Accelerator world-class and what the future might hold. Below are my attempts at summarizing these thoughts. Definitions: Accelerators, Incubators Let’s first review the difference between Accelerators and Incubators, to make sure we are […]