We Stuffed Up !

June 3, 2011 at 11:49 pm

It wasn’t malicious, it wasn’t intentional – sometimes we are just oblivious to our ignorance …

What are we talking about? We launched the FounderFuel website without a single women on the mentor pages. We did have eleven women on our list of female invitees, but we had only sent out two of those invites before the launch and neither of those had been able to sign up before we went live.

A Big Apology!

Why didn’t we send out all the 11 invites – blissful ignorance?

Why didn’t we think to chase up the female mentors we did send out – blissful ignorance?

Why are there only 11 invites – blissful ignorance?

We are blissfully ignorant no more – and a big thank you to the tweets and blogs of our “Montreal Girl Geeks” for calling us out!!

We will get the eleven invites out ASAP and hope that we are fortunate enough to have them all agree to give their time as mentors; and let’s hope other women mentors accept our genuine apology and we can get them involved too!

Think your team has what it takes?