Adélaïde joins the FounderFuel Team

It is with great pleasure that FounderFuel’s team would like to wish a big welcome to Adélaïde Andriot, our new Communication and Operations Intern! We asked Adélaïde a few questions to get to know her a bit better: What brings you to FounderFuel? After six years of law studies between France and Montreal, I was […]

Get ready for the biggest Demo Day yet!

This time around, Demo Day is bigger and better than ever before! On December 2nd, you’ll get not one but two Demo Days. FounderFuel and InnoCitéMTL are joining forces to showcase the best of the best in front of the biggest crowd we’ve ever gathered. If you’ve attended our Demo Day’s in the past, you’ve […]

Founders On A Bus

Interested in coming to Demo Day on May 7th but you’re based in Waterloo, Toronto and Ottawa and it seems like a bit of a trek? We’ve got the perfect option for you! Hop on a bus with some of your fellow Founders.  On May 7th, FounderFuel is inviting Founders on an epic bus ride […]

Day 45: 3 Interesting Tidbits on the 3D Printing Space

As you’ve probably read in our past blogs, we’ve got quite the wide ranging grouping of companies in the current FounderFuel Cohort. From aquaculture to 3D printing to transportation to education, we thought we’d start giving you some snapshots into the spaces that some of our companies are in. Let’s begin with 3D printing. Check out […]

Day 43: Founder Talk with Marc Gingras

Marc Gingras, CEO of FoKo, stopped by FounderFuel to discuss FoKo, his fourth time around the block and how to build a sustainable product and company.    FoKo is Photo Sharing for Companies. Imagined as an ‘Instagram for business,’ it allows employees, customers and partners to share everything from mockups, to event snaps, to culture […]

Vanhawks, Creators of the Bike of the Future

[This is the second part in a series of profiles on Canadian co-founders making waves in the States. Here’s part one.]  Vanhawks is a rare beast: at just one year of age, it’s been accelerated by FounderFuel, is in the current Y Combinator batch, and has recently raised 1.6 million dollars. The startup’s evolution began with […]

Day 19: 1 year later, Vanhawks is on a roll!

We’re coming up on the 1 year anniversary of Vanhawks launching their Valour Kickstarter campaign, the most successful one in Canada, during their 3 month stint at FounderFuel. To celebrate this we couldn’t be more excited for the 2 major announcements Vanhawks made yesterday. They announced through TechCrunch that: – They have raised $1.6 million from […]

Day 13: Mentor Day!

This year Mentor Day was held at home, in Notman House, for the first time ever. It was a successful event with over 80 mentors present. Following the teams pitches, Mentors broke up into tables based on expertise: technology, marketing, business development, customer acquisition, fundraising, operations/strategy and product management. Teams then rotated through the room, […]

Day 12: Culture, the PasswordBox Way

Yesterday afternoon we had a visit from 4 core members of the PasswordBox team. They came to chat with the current Cohort about team culture, how you instill it and how you can maintain it through growth and acquisition by Intel Security. On the panel were Marc-Antoine Ross (Co-Founder & Director of Data Engineering), Greg Whiteside […]

Day 4: Alumni Meet-up!

  The room is silent as our Alumni Meet-up panel kicks off. Ty Danco (Director at Techstars Boston), Thiago Da Costa (CEO at Lagoa) and Lee Silverstone (CEO at GymTrack) make up our panel on fundraising and acquisitions. The conversation quickly evolves into a candid discussion about all things startups. Ty, Thiago and Lee touch […]