One week until Demo Day is here!

November 26, 2014 at 12:58 pm


Exactly one week from today the Fall 2014 Cohort of FounderFuel will be taking the stage at the Rialto Theatre as they present at Demo Day! We’re incredibly thrilled to see what they’ve achieved in the past 3 months, and we know it’ll be a great show! We’ve booked a local band to perform after the pitches, and are excited to have the entire #FFMob together to mingle with the Montreal tech community. 

Just like last year, we’re opening up the floor during the “5 à 7″ for everyone to mingle with the Fall 2014 Cohort, not to mention the entire FounderFuel network: InvestorsEntrepreneurs and Senior Executives (don’t worry we’ll make sure all the tables are moved so it isn’t as cramped).

Don’t miss out, this is a unique opportunity to help you accelerate your own startup! 

Here’s what the evening will look like!

3PM - Doors Open | Grab A Seat
4PM – Show Time | Fall 2014 Pitches
5PM – “5 à 7″ Beers & Drinks
10PM – Official After-Party TBD

Have you gotten your tickets? There’s a few left!

Demo Day Pressure is Rising!

November 20, 2014 at 4:19 pm


With only 12 days left until Demo Day, today was another big day of preparation as the teams visited the Rialto Theatre where they’ll be pitching soon. Seeing the space for the first time, the teams were shown firsthand what they’ll be facing on the big day, minus the 1K+ audience! When returning to Notman this afternoon, the house was abuzz with final pitch preparations as everyone continued to work incredibly hard to get all of the final bugs out before December 2nd.

The teams are pushing themselves to their limits to be ready for Demo Day – will you be there to see the fruits of their labors?! Miss this, and you’ll be missing out big time! Come hang out with FounderFuel Founders and investors from Silicon Valley, New York, Boston, Montreal, Toronto as well as the entire #FFMob including the Fall 2014 Cohort, InvestorsEntrepreneurs and Senior Executives. There are less than 50 tickets left, so be sure not to lose this opportunity to mingle with the Montreal tech community! 

Finalizing Pitches at Show & Tell III

November 14, 2014 at 3:59 pm


With Demo Day right around the corner, the teams gave their final pitches to mentors today at Show & Tell III. We were thrilled to have a full house full of mentors today and after watching the pitches develop over the past three months, they were able to give valuable last minute tips on how to improve the presentations in the final days before Demo Day. It’s been three months of hard work and it was exciting to see the progress that has been made!

Here is some of the tough love our Mentors gave today:

“Just own it. Say exactly what you mean, and lock in credibility for yourself.”

“After watching that, I’ve got a page of little comments written down. Which is far too many.”

“I don’t want anyone to waste their time. If you’re going to do it, follow the process and do it right.”

“I was telling you we ship every week. Until Demo Day is here, we now ship every day.”

“You talked about the quality and curation, but you do it subtly, as opposed to hitting it in people faces.”

“You should never tell people what you do. Ever. Until you tell them why.”

“I’m saying it’s really bad. Surprisingly bad.”

“By the end of the presentation, your message was completely lost on me.”

“There’s a lot of issues with this presentation. Today was supposed to be an equivalent of what you’re presenting in two weeks, yet at the end you have no ask.”

“Every single word matters. Every single word.”

“Give us faith that you can deliver.”

“Everyone knows what is the opportunity. That is obvious. What they don’t know is how you will capture the opportunity.”

“You don’t necessarily need to differentiate your underwear from your trousers. You just need to say you get dressed.”

“At the end of the day if you are a technology company, you need to show me the software that is going to be the service.”

“I think that everyone should be able to say we do this, but this is why we’re going to win.”

Interested in seeing the pitches behind all this commentary? Come to Demo Day on December 2nd and see all of this live! 

Application Time – What to Avoid!

November 13, 2014 at 1:28 pm

Businessman Behind Stack of File Folders

Being accepted to an accelerator can be a challenging feat. With hundreds of applicants vying for a spot in each cohort, the competition is steep and it can be hard to get noticed. With just 16 days left to apply to FounderFuel, it’s time to start thinking of how to set your startup apart from the others. However, when making your application memorable, make sure you stay away from these 7 common mistakes that startups make when applying to accelerators.

1. Building for Yourself Instead of a Market

2. Lack of Any Market Validation

3. One-Sided Competitive “Analysis”

4. No Route to Customers

5. Claiming False Competitive Advantages

6. Winging the 60-Second Pitch

7. Ignoring Your Faults

In the end, we’re looking for honest, solid applications from those that have developed a MVP and are ready to hustle during the program to find their product-market fit. Avoid these above mistakes, and your application will be sure to soar. Think you’re ready to put your startup to the test? APPLY TODAY and see if you have what it takes to be a part of FounderFuel!

Still curious as to how your startup will grow and develop during the program? Come check out Demo Day and see for yourself what the #FFMob is capable of.

How to Kill it at Demo Day

November 12, 2014 at 2:43 pm


Today is Wednesday. Hump day. It could be a bleak middle of the week Wednesday like any other. Walk through the halls of Notman and you’ll see it’s anything but. Today, this very Wednesday, marks 20 days from Demo Day – and boy are the teams cranking it out now. The stakes are high and it’s time for the teams to turn it into final gear. The final video summarizing the Fall 2014 cohort will be filmed tomorrow, and come Friday they’ll be presenting at their third and final Show & Tell. The teams have been practicing their pitches for Demo Day for quite a while, but now it’s time to refine, perfect, and polish. As they prepare in these final days, we’ve found some tips and tricks from Forbes on how to kill it at Demo Day.

“One of the hardest things to do when you are preparing your demo day presentation is identifying what not to talk about.”

“When you’re on stage, every second counts.”

“Being fundable requires a clear response to the key questions.  Everything else is just style points.”

“Practice with friends or teammates in a staged environment so you are used to standing in front of an audience.”

“Don’t necessarily memorize your script; instead know your story line. Identify the key points you want to make on each slide and practice key transitions.”

“One last thing–don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the moment in the spotlight, you’ve earned it!”

Still haven’t gotten your tickets to Demo Day? Get them here before they’re gone!

Sneak Peak at Demo Day presenters!

November 7, 2014 at 2:39 pm


Just kidding! :)

While we can’t tell you any more than what’s been hinted at on twitter about the teams presenting, with less than one month till Demo Day we can tell you a bit more about what the big day entails!

The FounderFuel Fall 2014 cohort will be pitching our audience of investors, entrepreneurs, and techies, hoping to make a great impression on all attending. But you’re probably already aware of this. What you might not know is that as soon as the pitches are finished, we’ll be clearing all the tables and seating for the networking event so that there’s more room to mingle with the first-rate attendees.

When a secret band takes the stage at 5, the vibes will really be bumping to get the networking going. We’re also expecting an incredible turnout of over 900 from those within the Montreal tech community and around the world. If you’re looking to make connections with VC’s, Angels, Executives, or just other Entrepreneurs then this would be the opportunity for you!

Stay tuned for an announcement of Official After-Party details and get your ticket today before they sell out!

Day 47: NYC Tech for Canadians

November 5, 2014 at 3:51 pm


Today the teams heard from Charles Brun, CEO and Co-Founder of Now In Store about the tech scene in New York City. Charles was in the 4th FounderFuel Cohort and was able to give valuable insights as to what #NYCTech has to offer. Here are some of the things he found best about the community.

Driven and Fast Paced –  It takes a 24/7 work ethic to build something meaningful and valuable, and this mantra is strong in New York.

Welcoming – People that are new to tech can integrate quickly, and those new to the NYC Tech scene are welcomed with open arms. 

Collaborative – There is a continuous sharing of ideas networks, deals, and more. Everyone is willing to share their own experiences which helps the community continue to grow at a rapid rate. 

Open – The community is very accessible via meet ups, twitter, and blogs and other resources. There are also a number of coffee shops that provide good opportunities for networking. 

Diverse – There are many large industries in town, but tech is involved in every single one.

Innovative – Many advancements exist from corporations, startups, and makers.

Interested in participating in mentorship talks like these? Apply today to the FounderFuel Spring 2015 cohort!

Curious as to what is produced from a FounderFuel cohort? Come by Demo Day on December 2nd to see for yourself! Register here. 

Day 46: “I don’t know what sleep is anymore”

November 4, 2014 at 11:46 am

There’s 27 days left until Demo Day. That’s right ONLY 27 days left!! The teams have their heads down and are busy trying to accomplish as much as they can. They want to walk on stage at the historic Rialto Theatre and knock your socks off with what they’ve achieved in 12 short weeks. To highlight the 1 month countdown mark we decided to ask the teams their thoughts on the looming deadline. 


Here are some of their answers:

“Please stop reminding me. It’s the only thing I can think about.”

“I don’t know what sleep is anymore. At this point, I wouldn’t even be able to pick my bed out of a line-up!”

“I’m worried we’re not building what people want and we’ll only find that out too late. What if I walk on stage and have nothing? Are we doing everything wrong?”


“I’m excited for Demo Day! It’s what we’ve been working towards this whole time and we got this!”

And with that, the countdown is officially on. From creative marketplaces to robotic solutions to top notch SaaS platforms, this Demo Day will be one to remember! Are you excited to meet the teams?

Get your Demo Day tickets now!

Spooky thought – Demo Day is just a month away!

October 30, 2014 at 12:05 pm

halloween all hallows eve jack o lantern pumpkin carved candles glowing smash some pumpkins trick or treat facebook timeline cover banner for happy halloween cover photo

With Halloween’s arrival tomorrow, the teams now have to face the spooky thought that Demo Day is just over a month away! Crazy right?! It seems like just yesterday they were opening the doors to Notman for the first time, exploring their offices, and setting up shop.

Now after 2 months of hard work and daily grind, they’re kicking it into overdrive to get things ready for their pitches at Demo Day. Presenting to a room full of investors, fellow founders, and techies, the pressure will really be on!

Think it sounds like a wild ride for the FounderFuel Teams? Come check out the action of Demo Day for yourself and experience what all the hype is about! We’re expecting over 900 attendees from around the world, including investors from Silicon Valley, New York, Boston, Montreal, Toronto, and London. Want the chance to network with all these incredible guests? Sign up today and join the fun of Demo Day on December 2nd!

Get your tickets here


L’arrivée de l’Halloween rappelle effroyablement aux équipes que le Demo Day se tiendra dans à peine plus d’un mois! Dur à croire, n’est-ce pas? Il semble que c’était hier encore qu’elles franchissaient pour la toute première fois les portes de la Maison Notman.

Après deux mois de travail acharné à un rythme effréné, les équipes redoublent d’efforts à peaufiner leurs présentations du Demo Day. La pression sera à son comble lorsqu’elles présenteront leurs réalisations devant une salle bondée d’investisseurs, de collègues fondateurs et de technophiles!

L’aventure vous semble mouvementée pour les équipes de FounderFuel? Vivez l’expérience du Demo Day et constatez par vous-même toute l’effervescence qui y règne! Nous attendons plus de 900 participants provenant des quatre coins du monde, y compris des investisseurs de la Silicon Valley, de New York, de Boston, de Montréal, de Toronto et de Londres. Vous désirez avoir la chance de réseauter avec ces invités de marque? Inscrivez-vous sans tarder et profitez pleinement du Demo Day le 2 décembre prochain!

Achetez vos billets ici.

Day 35: The Countdown is Officially On!

October 20, 2014 at 10:29 am

Demo Day is about 40 days away and time is moving quickly! The teams are working 7 days a week to make sure their product is perfect, they achieve high levels of traction, launch successful Kickstarters and/or get lots of valuable press coverage before the big day. Let’s just say they have very high mountains to climb but they’re getting there! 

Tickets for Demo Day are going fast! General Admission is already half full. Make sure you get yours before we run out! You don’t want to miss your chance to watch the pitches from our best cohort yet and to mingle with the entire Montreal startup community. 



Think your team has what it takes?