FounderFuel has accelerated 67 companies since 2011, with 14 acquisitions, 13 shutdowns and the remaining in operation.

We are focused on the pre-seed to seed stage. Successful companies will typically raise a seed round of 500K-1.5M after going through FounderFuel. To help them get there, we believe the best deal is a combination of the right amount of investment and entrepreneur-friendly terms. Our 2016 deal is an investment of 100K for the equivalent of 5% in equity.

The FounderFuel program has workshops, office hours, readily available advice and intense pitch prep, because your pitch is the blueprint of your business. A 13 weeks journey conducted as a series of weekly sprints, that concludes with a demo day attended by 1200+ community members. We look for strong teams of 2-3 co-founders (at least one technical) and a solid MVP or beta version of your product (ready to go to market). Most important is an ambitious vision and clear goals for your time in the accelerator.

FounderFuel is a program run by Real Ventures: “we serve entrepreneurs and nurture the communities in which they thrive” is our motto. We believe a strong community is an essential element in building great companies, whether it’s about meeting your next CTO at one of our FF Beers, or getting introduced to lawyers who care about what you’re building.

Applications for the Spring 2016 Cohort are now closed. We’ll open applications for the Fall 2016 Cohort shortly.

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